Monday, June 4, 2018

Tapa Cloth 😉insturictions

On the 31 of may Room 7 and Room 2 had a buddy class when Rm 7 arrived we all had to pick a buddy and make a tapa cloth and it name in samoa is called sia poa  we decide to do for samoan language week, Here is instruction  how we made our tapa Cloth. After we were when we finished our tapa cloth  we had fun with our buddies it was a fun time hanging out with them. 
  1. you draw your patterns with a pencil     
  2.   You get a brown paper and cut it after that give it to a friend 
  3.  then you draw some samoan patterns to make it look beautiful
  4. get a vivid  and write over it to make it look a bit more dark.  
  5. color it in then scratch   it and do it gentle after that you have a lovely tapa cloth. 
Hope you enjoy it hope you will make this with your class!!!😉😉

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