Monday, January 7, 2019

SLJ Day 2 Activity 1 - Fablous Frens

Namaste readers ! Welcome back to my blog ! This task is talking about the ferns ! So  in this task we have to pick 3 sport teams that has fern on their uniform ! The three famous NZ sport team I know are
Silver ferns
All blacks
black ferns 
Related image
Here are the silver ferns who are best at women's netball.

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Here are the famous all blacks who are best at their men rugby union.
Image result for black ferns
Here is a picture of the black fern who are best at NZ Women's Rugby union team.
My favorite team is the sliver ferns because they are such a really fabulous amazing netball team I love so much and because Netball is one of my favorite sport because I get to have more fun with my friends playing the sport.
These were such FABULOUS sport teams right?
Question: Which sport is your favorite?

SLJ - Day 1 Activity 2 - Digital foot print

Kia orana  readers ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I have been doing activity about positive digital foot print  ! In my one it is basically talking about to make some of your stuff private (like your password and account) and to always be positive using online. -----------------------------------------------------
Question: How would you describe your positive digital foot print ?
I describe it by saying to keeping your account, password private and been positive online

SLJ Pograme Day 1 - Activity : North & South

Kia ora Readers ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I'll be doing another active from summer learning Journey. The other activity is talking about North and South !  So my Home town in NZ is Auckland, In my home town the beautiful Auckland, I was raised in  Onehunga but now live in Panmure. AUCKLAND IS A REALLY FUN & CLEAN AND ALWAYS NATURAL  ! We  have such a beautiful  blue cold water that is really good in summer ! 
Auckland is a very beautiful  place where it's so much fun filled with Nature and really bright amazing colors ! Auckland it a very clean and natural environment ! Auckland is filled with different sorts of colors and full of entertainment and we have really wonderful animals around Auckland. These things help Auckland to look really AMAZING AND BRIGHT ! Auckland is filled with amazing place that can make you laugh (circus), scream (rainbow end), and make everyone have a entertainment time ! The water is really Fresh and is really good on a sunny day ! NZ has a really beautiful natural environment and is a really fun country to live !
Question: Where is your home town ?
My hometown is Auckland and it full of exciting things to explore every day 

Monday, December 17, 2018

The legend of NZ

Kia ora readers ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I will be doing a blog post about the legend about NZ because it is the topic for today's blog post  from Summer learning Journey ! So the Legend has it's story based on Maui. One day Maui and his magical hook and brow a boat to go fishing, as he threw his magical hook in the water and suddenly he had caught a fish. (The fish was actually the north land and south land of NZ)
Here are my top 3 facts. 
1. the officially language is Maori and English 
2. the Maori name for NZ is  which mean the lands of white clouds.
3. New Zealanders  are called kiwis but kiwi isn't a fruit. It is a New Zealand's nativities birds.
The reason why I chose these facts is because it is basically talking about NZ and I chose my favorite facts because it give everyone ideas how is it like in NZ !
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Kia orana ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I'll be blogging about a presentation   about Submarine !
Hope you enoijy !

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Summer learning Journey

Kia orana readers ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I'll be blogging about the summer learning Journey ! Summer learning Journey is a thing for blogging, everyone gets a chance on improving on writing and reading, it has lots of fun activities for kids and it can build up their confidence by blogging  and they won't be really shy by sharing their learning to the world. Blogging has been making a real difference in my life because now I am full of confidence because how I been blogging it's made have a growth mindset. Here is a link to Summer learning Journey
copy and paste  it would send you to summer learning Journey !
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Christmas DLO

Malo lele readers ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I made this Christmas DLO about Christmas ! This is a fun thing I just made so then you guys can read more about Christmas !
Questions : What do you like about christmas ?
Do you celebrate Christ's birthday on Christmas ? 
Why do you love Christmas ?
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