Sunday, August 19, 2018

Mermory verse of the Day

Kanwhica people from the world and  whoever is on ! Welcome back to my blog ! So Today I want to give you guys a little memory verse from the bible so today's  bible verse is from the old testament, the reason I pick these memory verses is just a reminder of us that God is good and that I wanna share the word of God to everyone so that I'm mainly blogging about this memory verse, Today memory verse is from psalms 23:1-2 The Lord is the my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures! This memory verse is basically about when the Lord  is the one who guides us through the light and that we might not have enough of something but that you can lie in the green grass ! This a really good memory verse that I really love from the bible !
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direct and indirect impact of droughts

Kia orana Everyone ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I have been learning about like how the Farmers feels about this because they're the ones who has animals that could die from the droughts and they mostly lose their jobs when they lose their jobs they have to work around the town instead since they have to leave it for the government to pay the land for them to renew their area and the poor Farmer lose money that they feel really depressed about the drought always coming every year, but then they have the rain and divide in christmas and have the land back, when there land is back and it starts to rain the people just think it is just a thousands of presents dropping on you and it a memory of every year having rain and the green grass back !
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reading comprehension

Namaste viewers, animals, people,  and welcome back to my blog! Today I will be blogging about droughts, So droughts is like when the weather is really sunny days that it does hasn't lots of water so that what a drought is all about, even droughts does happen in NZ because NZ always have rain and water so it is mostly happen in Aussie and some of the life of farmers lose their jobs and doesn't have enough food so like later on the year around christmas they get grass and water to swim so that is how long droughts can last !

Friday, August 17, 2018

Flood Challenge

Malo lelei  readers and people who or whatever is on and welcome back to my blog ! Today I will be blogging about the flood challenge that room 7, so the martials we used was wool, straw, cotton wool balls, popsicle sticks, water, cup, tape, sponge, paper and those are the supplies that we kind of used. While we were testing it out with the water we had to see who could last the longest and our group only last 3 cups because the sponge and cotton wool was absorb the water. 
What I like about this challenge was that we worked as a team and we were making something to make sure that house could be protected and that it was safe when there is a flood and a tsunami, what I found challenge was nothing because it was an easy experiment we did all we had to do was  get into a group and think of a plan to protect the house.
The winning group who was the longest was Kordel's group because they covered their cup with lots of stuff like all the supplies which was sponges and cotton wool also other group had won which was Davylans group they group could float so much that in a tsunami it was just float away.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Types of floods

Malo lele readers and people who is on ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today We learnt about floods and that it happen in anywhere such as heavy rain, Floods can be caused by them self and floods are a natural disaster that is like sucking like the houses and the tree that how a Flood happen when it like cold weather and other types of weather, mostly floods happen every where and when it is heavy rain.
Question:What is a Flood 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Poem about Floods

Kia ora Reader and people who is on ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I had made a poem about floods  that I made it by using sylboys which wasn't that easy beasce you clap then figriuie out so like flood is one sylbol that what sylbols are so that only if you don't understand what it means !
IALT: Write my poem
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Good Morning !

Malo lele ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I am happy to come to school now I am ready to learn and just wanted to say a quick Good morning Everyone who on Today and have fun learning in school !
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