Thursday, October 18, 2018

DLO telescopes

Kia ora readers ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I've done a reading task that is basically about questions that I've had to answer which were about the telescopes in space !
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Kia orana readers ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I've did a reading task with Hiria, this reading task was about searching  up what kind of mirrors or lenses it had in what configuration and who design it and pick any telescopes.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Writing yoga challenge

Talofa lava readers ! Welcome back to my blog ! 
Yoga challenge 
Body weight

Counter balance
It was like a butterfly, diamond, star and a flower
I felt like a jumpy frog
“Are you  ready”
17 october Wednesday
One bright sunny day
One bright sunny morning on Wednesday (17th of October 2018) Room 7 did a new Yoga challenge. Miss Ashley did the roll then the girls and boys had a task to do, the girls had to push the tables and the boys had to push the chairs away (since we needed lots of space to do our yoga challenge ). 

 While we got into the mat, “are you ready” Miss ashley asked, “Yes” said Room 7. So Miss Ashley showed us the slideshow by casting on the T.V, So the first was pretty easy because you had to be in a group, so we got into groups and started to put our feet together it  was like a shape of a diamond, star, flower or even a butterfly, we try to do but we failed “don’t give up guys” I told them, “Okay” Syariah ann Summree said.

  So then we try the other but I had to give up it was too hard it was like you had to be flexible to do it (which I wasn’t flexible by the way ) So I just sat there on the mat like giving up like a cat that just stared at the window. After the second one was done I did the third one which was like I was jumping like a happy frog.

It was the fourth one hard but me and my friends got this, so we had to hold the lightest one (which was Waiari and me but we choose Waiari instead ) So we had to kind of lift her up so then she can balance on my knees. While she was trying to balance we still couldn't do it but we didn't mind that much
because at least we had fun doing it, we laughed a bite because we didn't know how to do it.

It was the last one, we had to challenge ourselves so it was boys group v.s girls group, this one was really complicated for me because you have to lye on a chair then the other person lye down on your knee and put it's legs underneath and then you repeat and try to make a rectangle, it was fun doing it together with the girls because we knew we had to balance our 
I felt afraid and happy to do the yoga challenge again because it was fun to do it with other people.
Next time I do not what to do this again because it was kind of a hard challenge that I didn't like.

waiari and lily's design process

Malo lele ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I would be blogging about a robot that is made from the N.A.S.A 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Writing Telescopes

Fakalofa lahi atu readers ! Welcome back to my blog ! Back in the days people use to use telescopes right but they weren’t like the ones right now as we stand they use 46 meters telescopes (But why? I can tell you that) they use it in three ways: to stalk people (which is really weird) through it; they use it for toys (which is really cool for kids but the size) then and they also use it to look at their enemies as the war has been started, so that is the three things they are used for. If you didn’t know people made that 46 meter telescope right but they had different photo type of telescope which means when telescopes doesn’t stand out to work or do anything clever they will make a different phototype as soon as they found the right one for the job and that was the 46 meters telescope.
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telescopes story

Fakalofa lahi atu readers ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I will be blogging about the story my group. We have been learning about telescopes and what it is used for and we have been learning about concave and convex.

Friday, October 12, 2018

MMT coming to Auckland Reflection

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Kia orana ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I would be blogging about  the MMT team coming to auckland.
On Wednesday (10th of October 2018 ). It was early in the morning around 9am Me and brother Joseph was up that we  were yelling at each other "Joseph we are going to the MMT thingy " I scream like a roar lion in the jungle. "Yeah I know and I can not wait to see Jason Taumalolo " He whispered back to me. We had to kept quite by then and hoped in the car to drop off Ana to my nana's house to baby sit her with my older sister Grace. While she was gone, me and Joseph was acting like monkeys in the car because we extremely excited that we just listen to music on the radio to be quiet for a while.
After that been  in the car my mom used her phone since my dad sent her a message about there is a free event for the MMT fans which was at Manukau which was really far. When we arrived there we saw a building with a tongan flag and there was other people with their big flags out from the window and Me; Joseph could hear lots of tongan music, it was so cool after that my Mom asked us if we could have some fun around the mall, so we went because we were bored so we wanted to have some fun so we went inside the mall, there was so many people that children can get lost from their parents so we all stick together so we went to the food court to buy me and Joseph Butter chicken (which is my favorite food). Me and Joseph had to share the butter chicken which I didn't mind, we went back to the car to eat since there was so many people in the food court so we decide to eat in the car (which I'm telling the truth but don't judge ), so while we made to the car we did a little prayer then ate our lunch it was delicious after lunch we went to the vodafone event which was where the MMT free event was and while we hopped off the car I was running like a wild cheater, I could hear music that was so amazing that made me growing but I didn't even danced so what I did  was just stand, while I was standing like freak that doesn't know how dance so yeah  I saw my old friend from my old school (which she is older then me ) she said Hi and I waved to her I ran to her like a faster cheater to her and she said that I've had grown up while here is a before photo of me and after 
before this was me in 2012

After this is me in 2018

So we kept on talking then after that we just listen to the music and see the people going crazy waving their flags up high that they were crazy I didn't want to see that so I just went inside to my mom and sat with her, I kept on complaining when is the team coming and they said at night I'm like what that go to take long. In my head I got mad because I might be sleeping because I always sleep in so yeah, I was prepared to wake up the whole afternoon. So I did all I did was just bored looking on my moms phone then I kept on walking around just a tour around and then I saw beautiful arts around the area after that the walking around I went back to my mom and just sat down watching the people outside dancing going so crazy about MMT, so I went and see them going crazy was fun because it was a party all day (which was kind of boring ) so I just stayed inside meanwhile I just started talking to other random people I didn't know. I was so annoyed because it was really a long time waiting until night time. It was nearly night so we had to get inside the event to wait for the MMT team there meanwhile we were waiting we just look at the performances and other stuff. It was 7:00 pm the team was here. I was on live on facebook (which was my mom one ) I saw many people looking at my video and most of them I knew some of them I haven't seen before, so I was extermely excited because they were finally here and I to see them all, as they were coming their way I kept on waving trying to say Hi or I would yell out their name which was pretty great though. I was running like wild animal to say hi to them and I didn't but oh while there next week wednesday. So while they were here Jay Black sang a song and they were dancing on stage it was so fun. After that we got to take photo with them, we got to take photos with some of the players (which I forgot their names ). "Lily we should go now" 
"Okay mama".
So we went into the car and drove to the motorway back to auckland and home.
While we were coming back home me and Joseph just kept on talking and doing other things while we got back home. We finally arrived home, it was 9pm when we arrived home.
I was so tired that I went to sleep.
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