Wednesday, November 29, 2017

My recount

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On Saturday morning  me my family dressed up nicely for my aunt's wedding, when we got inside the car my dad straight away drive the car to the Hamilton temple .

Which me and my sister were really tried so my dad stop at the MacDonald and ate, then we went to the temple we saw my cousin with her older sister in the car.

Then We were at the temple and I went and hung my aunt and she said ‘you look beautiful’ then I said thank you then when we were waiting Grace and  I  went to grandpa and nan so we could go see the  feed after that we arrived there.

I saw my dad he was like amazed about me then Aunt Ana wanted me and my older sister to go with her to be the flower girls that it was so amazing because  I had to throw gently the flowers.

The bride my aunt and my Uncle was walking front to the door at went inside  we had the feed that it was so delicious.

after that we tide the place up and I leave with my 19 yr old cousin and I went with her brother and her husband drop us of back so when we arrived we went to my house.

So we had some of the leftover cake it was yummy then I had a long break by watching TV then mum drop Nan back to her house then we went to sleep for church.

The end

Perimeter Test



On the weekend

On sunday afternoon

On sunday afternoon me and my family went to visit my Grandparents because it was my grandad’s  birthday, when we were going there me and my sister were just talking at the back of the car. When we arrived there we said ‘happy birthday grandad pensione’ then we hung him then we ate the cake and it tasted so yum that after that we played on my dad’s phone just playing this car  game then me and sister played sake and ladders then we had to leave so then we said ‘goodbye’ and we went to the car and we were  went and go shopping at silver park and went to the warehouse when we  were there we  tried looking for a bag that my dad was looking for but we could not find it so instead  we were hungry so we said to dad if we could Ice cream and Dad said yes so we all picked  the same ice block  then we went to put it to pay it after that I thought we were  going home but we had to go all the way to the pak'nsave just then I could see the sparkle moon rising up and little water dropping all of the shopping mall when we Finished our ice block we put in the bin.

When we arrived at pak’nsave we got everything we need after that we went to the checkout and pay it then we were walking back to the van and pick up the shoppings after that we drank strawberry milk then we drove back home and carried the shoppings inside after that we went to sleep

division problem- LILY UASI

There are 48 lollies that have to be placed evenly on each sixth of the cake. How many lollies will be there on each sixth of the cake?
48 divide by 6=8

So each sixth of the cake would have 8 lollies around  the sixth cake.

All That Glitters

Fraction Test

Thursday, November 23, 2017

princess princess

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Today the  book I  read is called princess princess by penny dale. This is about a princess who was in a spell by a mean fairy then she had to get woken by a kiss so the mean fairy turn it to good because she was angry  at her so she kiss her cheek and they began to be friends. I like this book because it is  about be friends and begin a kind person. A new word I learnt  was frown it means  when one bow at you. PLEASE COMENT ON MY BLOG IF YOU LIKE MY WORK THANK YOU FOR COMENTING

describing our artwork

I love my family because they treat me well  and they protect me at night  time.
I love the Holy bible because it reminds us of the past when jesus died for us.

(Kou sa’ia au i hoku famili because taimi oku po’uli ai oku nau hau kia au.Kou sa’ia au he piepolo because oku talamai nae talamai e sisu tene mate kihono tamaiki.)
Malo aupito ho fanogo mai moho telinga

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Today I read the book called “Down in the Forest”.
By Yvonne Morrison
This book is about animals living in the forest.
I like this book because  it is about animals in Nature .

A new word that I learnt was modern it mean now
We had to read a book today then we had to write down what this book is really all about then after that we go and write it down.
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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Food Chain

Athletics Day - Number 2

This is my Recount  on Athletics day after   receiving feedback from my peers.

“Go go Lily”Grace  said.
I ran fast as flash for the 50m run.

I came last when I went  back to my teammates  I saw my sister and  she was proud of me.

We had a 100m race we had to go to the other side of the field  when we were there Mrs Aireen said 3 2 1 GO !  

After that I ran so fast that I did not place   in so I went to my sister,

Said that I did not place so she said there is always  next time so after the race there was relays I was not in the relays so I watch who was winning. We sang our chants and Mrs kelly said that we came second and benghazi came first.

The end

Thank you for Reading
I loved this day because we were playing fair and be a team also we just had fun I want to this next year and win

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Friday, November 10, 2017

Guy fawkes

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                    Guy  fawkes
“Mum hurry up I wanted do Guy fawkes now” I moaned.

Mum said  to wait until it was  dark when it was  really night time me and my cousins saw a  fiery  matches and  my uncle came with the matches and fire them and it went boom it was so loud that my cousin was screaming so loud that my baby  sister Ana was crying so hard out that she stayed inside with my little cousin and they just watched Tv.

When we boom the fireworks it was a really great time because my cousin and kept on running around his dad’s car and me and my sister, cousins  were going to scream like animals so the sky look so beautiful.

But there was so much smokey ashes that  was coming so we stand back and kept on blowing until dad finished the fiery orangey matches after that we all said good beye and me and my big sister Grace went up the tree.

Said Mate ma'a tonga when my mum was taking the photo then we went back to the house.

Me and Grace went back to our room and slept for school.

Thursday, November 9, 2017