Wednesday, November 29, 2017

On the weekend

On sunday afternoon

On sunday afternoon me and my family went to visit my Grandparents because it was my grandad’s  birthday, when we were going there me and my sister were just talking at the back of the car. When we arrived there we said ‘happy birthday grandad pensione’ then we hung him then we ate the cake and it tasted so yum that after that we played on my dad’s phone just playing this car  game then me and sister played sake and ladders then we had to leave so then we said ‘goodbye’ and we went to the car and we were  went and go shopping at silver park and went to the warehouse when we  were there we  tried looking for a bag that my dad was looking for but we could not find it so instead  we were hungry so we said to dad if we could Ice cream and Dad said yes so we all picked  the same ice block  then we went to put it to pay it after that I thought we were  going home but we had to go all the way to the pak'nsave just then I could see the sparkle moon rising up and little water dropping all of the shopping mall when we Finished our ice block we put in the bin.

When we arrived at pak’nsave we got everything we need after that we went to the checkout and pay it then we were walking back to the van and pick up the shoppings after that we drank strawberry milk then we drove back home and carried the shoppings inside after that we went to sleep

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