Wednesday, November 29, 2017

My recount

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On Saturday morning  me my family dressed up nicely for my aunt's wedding, when we got inside the car my dad straight away drive the car to the Hamilton temple .

Which me and my sister were really tried so my dad stop at the MacDonald and ate, then we went to the temple we saw my cousin with her older sister in the car.

Then We were at the temple and I went and hung my aunt and she said ‘you look beautiful’ then I said thank you then when we were waiting Grace and  I  went to grandpa and nan so we could go see the  feed after that we arrived there.

I saw my dad he was like amazed about me then Aunt Ana wanted me and my older sister to go with her to be the flower girls that it was so amazing because  I had to throw gently the flowers.

The bride my aunt and my Uncle was walking front to the door at went inside  we had the feed that it was so delicious.

after that we tide the place up and I leave with my 19 yr old cousin and I went with her brother and her husband drop us of back so when we arrived we went to my house.

So we had some of the leftover cake it was yummy then I had a long break by watching TV then mum drop Nan back to her house then we went to sleep for church.

The end

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