Friday, November 10, 2017

Guy fawkes

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                    Guy  fawkes
“Mum hurry up I wanted do Guy fawkes now” I moaned.

Mum said  to wait until it was  dark when it was  really night time me and my cousins saw a  fiery  matches and  my uncle came with the matches and fire them and it went boom it was so loud that my cousin was screaming so loud that my baby  sister Ana was crying so hard out that she stayed inside with my little cousin and they just watched Tv.

When we boom the fireworks it was a really great time because my cousin and kept on running around his dad’s car and me and my sister, cousins  were going to scream like animals so the sky look so beautiful.

But there was so much smokey ashes that  was coming so we stand back and kept on blowing until dad finished the fiery orangey matches after that we all said good beye and me and my big sister Grace went up the tree.

Said Mate ma'a tonga when my mum was taking the photo then we went back to the house.

Me and Grace went back to our room and slept for school.

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