Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Athletics Day - Number 2

This is my Recount  on Athletics day after   receiving feedback from my peers.

“Go go Lily”Grace  said.
I ran fast as flash for the 50m run.

I came last when I went  back to my teammates  I saw my sister and  she was proud of me.

We had a 100m race we had to go to the other side of the field  when we were there Mrs Aireen said 3 2 1 GO !  

After that I ran so fast that I did not place   in so I went to my sister,

Said that I did not place so she said there is always  next time so after the race there was relays I was not in the relays so I watch who was winning. We sang our chants and Mrs kelly said that we came second and benghazi came first.

The end

Thank you for Reading
I loved this day because we were playing fair and be a team also we just had fun I want to this next year and win

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