Monday, June 18, 2018

Blog commenting on Wariai

Kia orana! Welcome back to my blog! Today I would  be  blogging commenting on.. Wariai! Wariai is a yr 5 student and we are in the same classroom! We always have fun time together like  taking a lot of photo! The reason why I commented on her blog because she is always spotty and has a good growth mindset. Wariai is a honesty friend and is fun to play with! What I like about Wariai is that she try her best and she is really good at every sport!

Now let's move on! As I was going through her blogs I did found something that she need to work on next time. Here is comment that I gave her!
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I have commented on her learning about the phase of the moon with oreos!
Some tip for Wariai is maybe next time she could tell a description about it. And maybe next time she could could make her blogging a bit creative and good for the reader to read. 
Hey, you should go onto her blog! Just click here to go on Wariai blog! Wariai has really amazing effort for trying to blog every week.
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Question: If you would blog comment on someone blog, What kind of feedback would you give to that person and who would it be?
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