Friday, June 8, 2018

Bouncy Castle Reflect

Kia Orana and welcome back to my blog. Yesterday Room 7 went to a bouncy castle and we had so much fun, So firstly we had to take our sock and shoes then we line up in to two lines then we wait for our turn we had 30 min  so when it was my turn we had to go inside the yellow log after that we climb up and go to the wash machine then We have to get  out and go back in the line. It was so much fun what I like was jumping inside the washing machine also what I dislike was jumping inside the washing machine and that when I get stuck and I don't really enjoy it but still had a lot of fun moments going on the bouncy castle we were also excited that was the best day ever. Hope  You Enjoy this blog post and make sure to give me feedback  

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