Friday, June 29, 2018

Nearly reaching up too 300! YEH

Kia ora ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I will be just saying that 25 more to reach up to 300 ! I would love to have more to reach up to a classmate person name Hiria she has 415 and I just have 275 I need more to catch up to her ! While I like to blog more about other things that involve cybersmart ! Why do I blog more? Because I want to find out if everyone can know me well that I like to have a growth mindset and have a great day by blogging at midnight! I can not belive I have 25 more to go to catch up to 300 and now I want to achieve that by blogging 600 this could mean next year I could blog more and achieve all my goals and have fun with it ! 
Question: how many blog post do you have 
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