Friday, March 16, 2018

Today  we walked to panmure  yacht club. We came here because to see the other side of parukuga.Before the bridge was made there was a man who ran the first ferry service his name was hemi pene. Then they made a bridge so the people could cross that bridge was a swing bridge it open up  for the  boats then it closes for the people that it is what a swing bridge.

 When we walked to ST.  Matthias this a plaque  we looked at if take good close  to the windows there are  people in it think what is about and the plaque.

Next  we walked to Mokoia pai all that was left was plaque that it told about panmure and how it got  burn then next to it was the third bridge  the three lanes  one it goes to panmure to pakuranga then there is go to be a another bridge for the buses

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