Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Cricket Tournament Fun Day

Yesterday me and my teammates  went to Cricket  Tournament. I   went to the hall  and got change into the sport uniform then we  came  out of the toilets and wait in the hall for the bus to come then we did a quick roll. We walked out to the bus then we found a seat  me and Waiari sat next to each then we looked at the back of us was  Hope.L, Syraiah Lee  we looked at them playing slim yuck yuck then we arrived to the tournament we got off our seats. 

We  had to walk all the way to the field then we sat down on a flat mat after that (Mrs Sharma)  our coach called who was bating in the game. When we were on  the field we all wait then stone field came then we start the game. So our captains had  to do rock paper scissors then ( Vaka) our captain said bating so we all had to sit out of the circle    because we were waiting for our turn to bat. When it as my turn to bat I had to stand far from the wicket 

When we were waiting we just talk to each other about our day also we just took a sit on Mrs Sharma chair then I had my turn to bat also when it was my turn to bat. I had to wait for the person who throw the ball then I swing the bat but it did not hit so me and the other person had to to run then I had to guard the wicket but not too close or we would lose and stone fields would have a point also it was fun when we finish  the game we  found out we lost to stone felids we were alright but we said that (Mrs Sharma) our cocah said that we were just scared this time we are go to try.

So we were playing against the same school but it was a different team we  try and we were the fielders while the others were batters we had so much fun we were only aloud 8 people to help on the feliders then the other 3 have to stay out. We had so much fun. We had to roait   when we were  Feliders then  it was my turn I try but they did not hit but I still had 3 turn then we roait in fact I was having a lot fun also by cheering on to my team. 

We had to go o the bench because we were doing cricket also Mrs sharma ask you if you want to bat if not you could stay on the grass. So I just sat on the grass or I just  had a conversation with everyone else  also I just played around it was so much fun but even  that  I didn't play I just sat there cherring.

After that game we had finish our compeitons then we went to have a rest, so Mrs sharma let us do anything so we were having so much fun waiting for the other  people to come then Kelly said to clean up the rubbish after that we went to go on the bus back to school it was so much fun. When we go there we had to go change into our uniform after  we heard the bell ring  so we all set of home.


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