Monday, March 19, 2018


So, Friday after school Me, Grace , Joseph  walked home.  We had  a little rest  because we were going to the park  in three hours. It hit  5:01   we got ready and we wait for Lydia .  I walked to the park and   Lydia came out of the car. "where is grace" Lydia yelled I replied "she at home". so went to get her from home I yelled at her to get of her netbook.

We walked back  to the park and start playing a fun game of touch and rugby with the boys. We played and played until everyone was tried . My mum came to the park with my little baby sis Ana and starting talking to (Mele) Lydia mum.

Paula  and his little brother  decided to  do something silly. they decided to climb up a big tall tree at the park.  About two hours later Edith showed up. We played  touch with the boys  once again and  just made musically and took a lot of photos. 

 We continued playing and slowly nearly some people were about to leave. Once all the boys were gone Edith Text her dad if she could bring her  hoverboard and so he did. It was 7:30 and we were having so much fun  playing on it .

 After all the playing  we walked home and some food it was so delicious and also  it was the best day I ever had I could not wait until next week

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