Monday, August 13, 2018

The tsunmai

Kia orana readers ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I had to write 2 paragraphs about the Tsunami, Today I have actually learnt a lot  from the tsunami 

The Tsunami is an  impact of an earthquake . The Tsunami takes time to come to New Zealand so it strength has been losing so it has strunk and the little wave didn’t hit NZ. The tsunami is a really big wave that people gets crashed from that they try to have time to evacuate from their country and migrate that's how most people gets safe or they straight run to the big hills. 

Before people evacuate to have time in the past they  would eat other different kinds of food to survive by living near ocean so that they could find more sead food to cook , in the future people evacuate from the tsunami instead of living near the ocean go to build houses in big hills so that can be safe in their houses. 

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