Friday, August 3, 2018

All about volcanos

WALT write an explanation text. 

Introducion. (2-3 sentences)
Say what you are talking about
Body 1 - heading. 
Body 2 - heading. 
Body 3 - heading. 

What are volcanoes and how are they made?
What are the different kinds of volcanoes? (3 stages and 3 kinds) 
What is the Ring of Fire and why is it important?
Are there myths around volcanoes?
When a volcano erupts, what is the impact on the land and people?
Can we predict a volcanic eruption?

Technical Vocab
Molten magma, Vulcan, volcano, volcanic, tectonic plates, Ring of Fire, Roman God, ancient, erupts, magma, lava, ash cloud, extinct, active, dormant, fault line, Earthquake, inner core, outer core, crust, mantle, vent, throat, secondary vent, crater, rock, 452, 1500, Pacific Plate, equator, 75%, 90%.

Volcanoes are really hot they can reach around 2,120 c%. Volcanoes shots ou lava from the bottom of the volcanoes.

What are volcanoes made of and what is volcanoes
Volcanoes are made of what called magma that what forms the volcanoes. It also forms lava and ash clouds. Volcanoes are a type of hill or a mountain filled with lava and magma. It has liquor and gas in the volcanoes which is lava.

What are the different kind of volcanoes
Composite, shield  and dome. Composite is known as stratovolcanoes, and it is form of layers of ash and lava flows. Shield volcanoes are really low with gently sloping sides and form of layers of lava. Shield volcanoes are produced fast flowing fluid of lava that can flow for many miles.
Dome volcanoes have much steeper sides than shield volcanoes. This is because the lava is thick and sticky

What is the ring of fire and why is it important?
They ring fire is a string of volcanoes and sites of seismic activity or earthquakes around the edges of the pacific ocean.the ring is dotted with 75% of all active volcanoes on earth.

Volcanoes are really dangerous and there are different layers like lava and rocks also magma and did you know that the ring is dotted with 75% volcanoes on earth . dome volcanoes lava is really sticky and thick.

Kia orana ! Welcome back to my blog ! Today I made a text all about the volcanoes and how it really happens in real life. Did you know that there are 1500 volcanoes on the earth.
Hope you like this Facts about volcanoes.
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