Friday, July 28, 2017

Recount best day ever

My best day ever is going to the mall and white sunday church practice.   

Once it was a bright shiny cold  morning when I  went with my dad, sister and little brother  to the mall . While mum goes to work and drop off baby to nanas house. After we went to the  mall we went to church for white Sunday practice and we saw my sister friends, We were staying outside to wait then our Sunday school teacher got the key and open the door to the church and went to the small hall and practice our bible verse then some  of the kids had to practice their dance while  the rest of us watch.  I went to my cousin inside the church he was carrying my nephew his name was charlie after that he gave it to  me to look after so I carried him and took to the small hall and he was crawling around   and then I picked him up and  carry him when I felt him he feel like he was small but so adorable that he keep on crawling then we went to the church and did the practice which was fun then we went home.

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