Thursday, February 22, 2018

Roller coaster ride recount

Rainbows end fun birthday

On Tuesday morning Jesse and James went to Rainbows End  to celebrate Jesse 17th birthday, when Jesse heard  they were going to Rainbows End she was excited so when they  were there they had to go in the ticketbooth and get their wristbands.

When they were getting their tickets they had to go on the ride and wait in the line  then they finally got   their ticket then they got on their ride and when they put their seatbelt it went Click” they were so excited to go on   their ride.
Then  when Jesse and James starting  the ride a woman behind Jesse was screaming that she could smell her popcorn stinky breath   that thought to  herself yuck so then the ride became  wobbly  that the roller coaster was going speed that it they were going upside down that they went backward and covered  around then they stop at the station.

Jesse and James were dizzy that they wanted to vomit but when Jesse could smell the hot dog that she wanted to found the hotdogs so then she ate them and she  said to her brother this was the best birthday that I ever had. Then she said I had a really great time that  she was so tired when they returned home. “Hey James lets came back here for your birthday” Jesse asked. Yes we should come back here replied James

The end

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