Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dante's lunch

Dante lunch
Dante lunch
A  sandy brown dog named dante and there was bang from the rubbish bin  out he came looking for something to eat.
He was excited that the bone was cilicking he wanted to eat it.

His paws were crawling  as he was gasping he got so  nervous  that he   lick  the shiny bone and it bumped his head then he flipped then he just laid there after that he got up and went to  chase after it.
He went to  mama abelita  set up the flowers for tonight then crashed mama abuelitas flower yelling to him go away but he kept on following the bone that he ruined the family's fiesta and went to the top of roof going from down there he passed the cemetery  he found that it was shackleton then he stared at it and kept on chasing .

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