Friday, September 8, 2017

The legend of Sina and the eel

The legend of sina and the eel

By Tockasse Lily Uasi Jasmine  for my Narrative Writing.
Screenshot 2017-09-05 at 14.36.22.png‘ Why do I have to go to my friend the eel in the evening to the pretty white amazing moonlight’ said sina. In the ancient island of sivae.  

Sina was waiting until evening so that she  could see the eel  and when  the sunrise was setting she went to the ocean and when  the sunrise was setting she went to the ocean how he turn into a prince that after that he large and bigger that   his love washed away  so sina  ran away to the village with  basket.

When Sina the pretty beauty girl walked  to her tiny house  she told her uncle about the eel then she heard that eel will be killed by her cousin on the  next day.

When it was   the next day when it was evening her cousin was going to kill the eel with his really sharp knife then he was  going to amiy the eel’s neck to huge head so that he
could be dead forever.

When the eel was  going  to die he told Sina to buried him.

In the soft squishy sand so that when grows into  a plant.
That the plant would be growing  into a  coconut tree.

So when she drinks the coconut and it would be grow so big into a great coconut tree.

The End.

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