Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Kite making Recount

Kite making Recount By Lily

Yesterday Mrs Sharma our Teacher decide if We could do kite making and I was so surprised that we were making kites that I was thinking this would be fun when we were flying it yes!

When Mrs finished cutting my kite when I went to tape table and I had another help from Cathline who was helping with the kites so we had to hold each side of the plastic bag then Cathline sticked it with sticky tape.

Then she said to me and Sumuree tap we did not know what she said then we tapped on the kite  then I found a bite of the (thofaule) broom and put them  to measure how much should I break then it would have the equally measured  it after I measure it.

When I measured it  I went to the slataper table and tape it  after that I went to Mrs Sharma had yellow wool and made a hole  then  I knot it after that we flyed our kites in the air like butterfly it was really cool that we ran every I thought it was really fun.
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