Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Lily -Seasons worksheet

Why do we have seasons?

Watch the video and go on the websites to find answers to the questions below.

How many times a year does the earth go around the sun?

Which way does the sun appear to move across the sky? It came in the east then go to the west
What hemisphere is New Zealand in?
New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere
What months do we have spring in?
September- November
Write two paragraphs about your favourite season in the space below.
Summer because it is so much fun playing outside with everyone and going to the beach in the weekend it is also fun because the plant grows into a beautiful flower.
Why are our seasons at different times of the year to other parts of the world?
American seasons- Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring
Tongan- summer and winter
Hawaii - summer to winter
If New Zealand is in summer, what season would it be in North america?
It would be cold in north america because the sun is not facing towards the country.
What is the axis?

A invisible line that goes through the earth
Malo lele and welcome to my blog. Today IALT: tell my reader about the beautiful seasons. here my fact did you know that if it is winter in NZ that means america would have fall. Please Comment down below  

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