Thursday, April 12, 2018

Bean Boozled Challenge

Bean Boozled challenge!
Who: room 7
What: bean boozled challenge
When: Thursday 12th April
Where: Tamaki Primary School
Why: to have a bit of fun, Miss Ashley got given them by Mrs Komor
How: took turns to  try a bean

On April the 12th Rm 7 was given a Bean Boozled Challenge.  Miss Ashley got the Bean Boozled from Mrs komor. We Started the challenge by Miss Ashley lifted the plastic container then the Jelly bean comes out that  it was Keru turn he wanted chocolate pudding but instead he had green when he was chewing then it was lime but actually  it was lawn clippings. When Miss Ashley was calling my name I was terrified but excited then when I came up to get the  Jelly bean, I chewed the jelly bean that  it tasted like fruit that I did not know what flavor . I waited patiently on the mat for the others to have their turn then it was Miss ashley turn she had grass that  it tasted  yucky then we had to write a recount about it 

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