Thursday, August 24, 2017

My weenked Recount

Going to the Moana beach.
By Tockasse Lily Jasmine Uasi.

On my weekend  me and my family went to the beach it was really hot and warm  we arrived there the water made a sound like kittens lopping .

Change  to our togs then we  went into the cold water  that my siblings hopped at the back of my dad’s back after when they had a turn I tried but the  massive waves were coming so I had get down  of my Papa’s back.

After  that I swam with my Papa  to my Brother and Sister, when I could see them playing Tag. when I saw my mum at the beach with my little baby sister that my mum  took a video on her phone  of us swimming.

When we finally finished swimming we change into our clothes then we inside expensive van  after that we drove to the gas station and in my surprise   dad said we could get
anything to eat.

So we picked ice cream and biscuit after when dad did the gas my pops payed the gas for the energy for the van.

When we were at home we buy K.F.C although we had a picnic a couple of minutes we went inside and turn on the screen TV just then we watched a Movie called snow white    after the snow white we had tea then we went off to sleep for church. The End.
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