Thursday, June 22, 2017

TIPTOP Factory

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Last Friday the 17th of June when we were sitting on the mat we were listening  to the meditation to listen to our breath after that  the other classes joined we all closed eyes then Mrs  Morrison started to call her group then the parents called their group then we hop on our bus and when we arrived at the tip top factory the man walked inside the bus and said to Mrs Sharma  can ‘you count how many people that were inside the bus ‘ so Mrs Sharma had to count it then the bus driver parked the bus, we played in the park and just wait for the first  group to go after that group it was our turn because we had to sit and wait for the tour guide to come when she came she told us that there are 16,000 people that come to visit tip top factory, 2,00 people work there  and  then we went to how the ice cream made so the lady told us that if the ice cream is not right they give to the pigs at the farm so they can eat it. THE END

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