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Friday, February 23, 2018

Fun roller coaster ride I ever had

Fun roller coaster ride  I ever had

One sunny day  morning it was Grace birthday   so we thought that  we could  celebrate her 12th birthday  at the biggest huge  roller coaster  for some fun  on this beautiful day.
As we were walking to the ride we  all hopped on the ride onto the ride we went click   on the seatbelts  then  we were so calm down that the ride suddenly went magcalily up and down an then covered after that  Grace and Joseph were all calmed and I was screaming  then  the others were just enjoying it.

On this ride  I felt butterflies in  my tummy  and goosebumps  as  the bloody red cart was jittering up I was shaking the whole way.

I was in shock I really wanted  to get off, the passengers were screaming and I could smell their stinky  breath  came towards my back of my head if felt yucky. I could  taste my sweat as it slowly was going down on my face I could also smell popcorn and just wanted to get of this ride that we were almost finished then we were back at the station.

Finally it was time to hopped off  that I could smell food that I went to find the food court  then after that my sister and brother said today was fun but still I will never came here ever again okay so I don't care am going to try and try"lily  said"
"yea Joseph she is probably braver than you"replied Grace
"thanks Grace  you are the best"Lily  replied
"ok maybe you have a chance to not be brave but I am still  the bravest"replied Joseph .

“I had a really scary time maybe next time I could overcome my fear”I said then grace replied yeah you kinda did try to  overcome that fear.        The End

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Roller coaster ride recount

Rainbows end fun birthday

On Tuesday morning Jesse and James went to Rainbows End  to celebrate Jesse 17th birthday, when Jesse heard  they were going to Rainbows End she was excited so when they  were there they had to go in the ticketbooth and get their wristbands.

When they were getting their tickets they had to go on the ride and wait in the line  then they finally got   their ticket then they got on their ride and when they put their seatbelt it went Click” they were so excited to go on   their ride.
Then  when Jesse and James starting  the ride a woman behind Jesse was screaming that she could smell her popcorn stinky breath   that thought to  herself yuck so then the ride became  wobbly  that the roller coaster was going speed that it they were going upside down that they went backward and covered  around then they stop at the station.

Jesse and James were dizzy that they wanted to vomit but when Jesse could smell the hot dog that she wanted to found the hotdogs so then she ate them and she  said to her brother this was the best birthday that I ever had. Then she said I had a really great time that  she was so tired when they returned home. “Hey James lets came back here for your birthday” Jesse asked. Yes we should come back here replied James

The end

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dante's lunch

Dante lunch
Dante lunch
A  sandy brown dog named dante and there was bang from the rubbish bin  out he came looking for something to eat.
He was excited that the bone was cilicking he wanted to eat it.

His paws were crawling  as he was gasping he got so  nervous  that he   lick  the shiny bone and it bumped his head then he flipped then he just laid there after that he got up and went to  chase after it.
He went to  mama abelita  set up the flowers for tonight then crashed mama abuelitas flower yelling to him go away but he kept on following the bone that he ruined the family's fiesta and went to the top of roof going from down there he passed the cemetery  he found that it was shackleton then he stared at it and kept on chasing .

Monday, February 5, 2018

What do you remember about recounts

Today we talked about recounts, we had to try and remember what goes in a recount.
Here is what we came up with as a class.

Next we watched a video (Link to the video) and we wrote a recount about it as a class.

Who: the little girl, Annabelle
What: she was happy, she broke her camera, threw in the bin, camera came to life, made a photo of the girl
Where: small town, Mexico
How/Why: she slipped off the pole and dropped the camera
When: sunny day, broke it in the morning, camera picture - afternoon

One sunny day
Picture of a balloon then it popped
Smiling with white teeth
Only Favourite camera

One sunny day Annabelle strolled around her small town, taking pictures of the many beautiful things. Click. Click. Click. She aimed her camera at a light red balloon and it popped just as she hit the shutter button. She smiled with white teeth as the sun rose high in the sky.

Hand slipped off the pole
Swinging, run up to
Fell on her butt,
Big eyes
Camera lense popped out
Laughing - hehe
She sighed
Cuddled the camera, threw it in the bin

She jogged around the town centre, swung around the lamp post giggling and suddenly… KABOOM! Her big eyes opened as she realised she was lying on the ground. Her elbow was scratched and beginning to bleed. Her favourite camera, which she nicknamed Camey was broken next to her on the cobblestones. She sighed deeply. She picked up Camey and cuddled him to her chest, then he fell to the bottom of the bin.

Girl walked up the stairs crying
Shake the bin
Shut his ears,
Click shutter
Pants fell down
Went into garbage
Photo came out of his mouth
Flicked to her foot
She threw it away
Closed the door
Has an idea

Annabelle climbed the stairs with tears coming down her face. The bin began shaking, Camey was alive! He tried to get out of the bin, but it ended up tipping over. He crawled out and searched for Annabelle. She was at the top of the stairs, her back to him.  Camey rushed to the stairs and ah! His ears flung open. He pushed his plastic ears closed and kept running. She was almost gone! He pushed down on his shutter button and oh no, not again, his plastic pants fell down. He pulled them up quickly and kept sprinting. A polaroid ejected out of his mouth and he flicked it towards Annabelle. It slipped silently under her foot, but the movement caught her eye. She bent down, picked it up, and slowly let it drop from her hand. She closed the front door behind her and Camey was left outside feeling lonely.

Girl crying, looked up
Smile, laugh
Camey smiled
Button nose

Camey looked down at the disgarded photo; he had an idea. Click, click, click. Photo after photo after photo. He arranged them on the wall in a portrait made with love. Annabelle rested her head on her arms, thinking about her favourite camera ever. Something brushed her arm, she looked up and gasped. A 18m tall portrait of her profile covered the wall of the apartment opposite. She felt surprised and happy. How had this happened? Who had made this gift for her? Then she noticed. Her favourite camera, Camey! How had he gotten up here?!?! She embraced Camey and her smile returned.

She prepared for their next adventure; she picked up Camey, bought a new repair kit and set off for the forest. She wondered to herself, ‘what magical portrait he would come up with next..’

Friday, February 2, 2018