Friday, May 12, 2017

Recount Assessment

Today Room 6 was tasting the difference about dark chocolate. Mrs sharma came with choclate for everyone. Everyone was sitting down on the mat and she hide it from all of us. Then we got record on Mrs Sharma ipad  and then she got Lydia to record us. Mrs Sharma bring the 2 dark chocolate and then we tasted the 90% cocoa and then she gave to us to hold it and then we had  tasted it  and taste like coffee which it was yum. Then Mrs Sharma read the other  one label and it had 48.2 sugar when we taste it and taste really different because the first taste really  healthy and yum  another one taste like too much sugar it taste yuck then Lydia taste it and she got recorded she did not like the 90% coca she like the 48.2 sugar choclate after she got recored we all laugh and then we all vote which was best and the best was the 90% coca.

Mount Everest

WALT find where Samoa is on the map of the world.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Recipe vegetable soup

Title: Recipe Vegetable soup
  1. Chopped  Carrots
  2. Slice Onions
  3. Slice potatoes
  4. Slice Pumpkin
  5. Pasta
  6. Rice
  7. Slice Tomato
  8. Cabbage
  9. Salt

  1. Brocilie
  2. Chook
  3. Garilc
  4. Bread
  1. Large pot
  2. Small bowl
  3. Can opener
  4. Peeler
Wednesday  room 6 made a vegetable soup.  We first had to peel the carrots and  Onions. We had to also chop the carrots, opening the can which was hard for Michael, Maria and summre they still tried until they got it.  Mrs sharma put in the vegetable and soup stock  inside the pot then Mrs cooked it. After morning tea we Finally had our yummy soup.

Recount vegetable soup

Today Room 6 were learning to make  a  healthy vegetable.   The people in our class came with vegetable. We all sat down and peel the carrot or chop the  carrot .  Peel the onion .  Some had to open the can with the  can opener then  our teacher first put in the cold  vegetable to the pot   and  the crunch tomato to the pot  after that there was rice then put in the pot then we put the pasta with some herbs then put some garlic by dice the garlic  and then you put 6 garlic cloves next we  put water then our teacher put in the stove to cook then when it was ready we all pray then we eat with the delicious yummy bread then we dip it into the cup and was so yum that our teacher Mrs sharma decide to  give the vegetable soup to the whole teachers so people from our class went down and up stairs because there was teachers there. There was visitors that were from Room 5 when they drink our soup they said it was yummy and they went back to class.  Everyone put their dish in the staff room.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017