Monday, July 31, 2017

What is a Hero

My hero: Miss fepuleai

Facts : Miss fepuleai is beautiful and she very awesome cool reliever teacher.
Heroic traits & deeds : Miss fepuleai helps people with there work and she can help people ‘s situations.

My opinion :  Miss fepuleai is amazing  reliever teacher  and looks like her mum.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Recount best day ever

My best day ever is going to the mall and white sunday church practice.   

Once it was a bright shiny cold  morning when I  went with my dad, sister and little brother  to the mall . While mum goes to work and drop off baby to nanas house. After we went to the  mall we went to church for white Sunday practice and we saw my sister friends, We were staying outside to wait then our Sunday school teacher got the key and open the door to the church and went to the small hall and practice our bible verse then some  of the kids had to practice their dance while  the rest of us watch.  I went to my cousin inside the church he was carrying my nephew his name was charlie after that he gave it to  me to look after so I carried him and took to the small hall and he was crawling around   and then I picked him up and  carry him when I felt him he feel like he was small but so adorable that he keep on crawling then we went to the church and did the practice which was fun then we went home.

WALT Words that tell numbers

WALT find meaning for difficult words

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mahatma Gandhi Questions

Image result for mahatma gandhiQuestions
  1. When  Gandhi was born?
Gandhi was born on the 2nd of October 1869.
2. Which god did Gandhi's mother worship? Gandhi’s mother worship the god Vishnu.
3. How would you describe apartheid? Apartheid is an Afrikaans word that means ‘’status of being apart’’.
4. Why was Gandhi told to leave the train? Because it was not white.
5. What sort of protests did Gandhi believe in? Gandhi believed in nonviolent protests.
6. Why was Gandhi put in prison in March 1922? Because Gandhi encouraged people to not buy British goods.
7. Why did the the  British decide to help improve the lives of the poorer people? So the people agree to make some changes and improve the live of the poorer people.
8. Explain what type of person Ghandi was and your reasons of your explanation.
Ghandi was a brave person and a person who stand up for people.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Understanding about other cultures

Image result for people travelingWALT find out what we interested  and why?   

I am interested in understanding other cultures because it will help me learn how people live and what they believe in different countries of the world.

Friday, July 7, 2017


On Wednesday Room 6 deiced  to learn about healthy breakfast and we learn about the five major food groups that it is not good to eat the fifth one because it is sugar and fats so you should eat  the four major food groups because  it has proteins and vitamins and carbohydrates  and milk and milk products.

We also learn how to make a balanced meal on a plate  which we should have half of the plate fruit and vegetable  and quarter of the plate have proteins and grains.

After that our next experiences was about bread that if you take of the brad it would not be whole grain it would refined grain   which it is not good for you because it make you fat and it has less nutritious.

We learn that we can not skip our breakfast because you would be car running without any fuel  and you would be like a study group with breakfast and the the study group with no breakfast and they did not had breakfast would be so tired and sleepy so it is important to have  breakfast because give energy.

 When we learning about breakfast we learn about cereals because we learning about breakfast when look at the cereals we could see that one of the cereals  were best one for us and it was the porridge it has less sugar so we should have homemade porridge then just buying them from the packet.

Then the next group was juice  we learn that fresh up and just juice has lots of sugar so we should have fresh juice because it has natural sugar which is healthy for you to drink so that is why we should change our taste buds so that we can have more energy.

After that the chocolate which one would you have at home dark chocolate or dairy chocolate, we should have dark chocolate because it has more cocoa and dairy chocolate has lot of sugar that why we need to change our tasting
By Lily
We have to eat healthy sometimes you can have a bit of sugar

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Healthy Breakfast

Healthy breakfast

Breakfast is important because it is the first meal of the day. After sleeping for 10- 12 hour you should  have breakfast to get you energy and make your brain think a lot. Your breakfast should have The four major food groups which are proteins vitamins and carbohydrates also milk and  milk product  and without breakfast you would be just like a car without any fuel. If you have the same breakfast every day you would have the same nutritious and that's when your brain would you would give up on your work because you have not had all the nutrition. So include all food groups in your breakfast. Make healthy choices.
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